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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight
Sean Murphy discusses his role in A Chorus Line
Sean Murphy (Al; Male Dance Captain) is beyond thrilled to be making his Red Carpet debut. He last performed in 42nd Street with The Kavinoky Theatre. This past summer Sean was seen in BUA's production of Recovery Mode. You may have seen him in the 2010 Artie Award winning musical Evil Dead! Sean has also danced with the Habit Dance Project. He has studied musical theatre at AMDA in NYC. Sean is a parade dancer at Walt Disney World. 
RCTP: Tell me about the first time you saw A Chorus Line , did you ever think you would have the opportunity to be cast in the show, and what makes you want to be a part of this production?
SM:"I saw A Chorus Line on Broadway in 2008 right before I auditioned for AMDA. The moment they started to Step Kick Kick Leap Kick Touch I knew that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I never thought I would be able to be a part of this show, so it is dream come true to be standing on that "line"."
RCTP: What Character do you play in A Chorus Line and do you have any similarities in common with your character?
SM:"I play the role of Al DeLuca. Al and I are somewhat a like. He is very protective of his wife and that is how I am with my friends and family. I want to make sure that I can be by there side when they need me. However, Al has this confidence about him that you can just tell he knows what he is doing and has it, I on the other hand pretend I do."

RCTP: A Chorus Line was conceived and originally Directed/Choreographed by Buffalo’s own Michael Bennett.  If he were here today, what do you think his thoughts would be about the level of talent in this current production, with most of the talent coming from the Western New York Region?
SM:"I do think that he would be very pleased with our show. We are staying true to the original concept. He wants people to see what we go through as actors/singer/dancers And how hard of career it is. I believe Michael wanted the audience to feel for the dancers and that there is no time to breath in the show until the lights go out on the kick line."

RCTP: What is your next project?
SM:I have a few auditions coming up in the winter. "God I hope I get it" I will also be performing in Kelli Bocock-Natale's children show, Mother Goose Rocks, in March.
A Chorus Line  will be performed at the Lancaster Opera House from January 20,2012 -February 4, 2012.  Tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 716-683-1776 or by visiting the Lancaster Opera House website at

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