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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight: SARA MARIOLES discusses her role in A CHORUS LINE

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight:
SARA MARIOLES discusses her role in A CHORUS LINE
Sara is beyond excited to be a part of this amazing cast of A Chorus Line.  This is Sara's first show with Red Carpet Theater Productions, but has been seen in various productions throughout the Buffalo area. Some of her most recent favorites include, the 2010 Artvoice Artie award winning production of Evil Dead, The Musical (Linda), The Bald Soprano (Mrs. Martin), HAIRSPRAY (Amber Von Tussle), and CSI: Buffalo- Death of an Allentown Hipster (Emily). 

RCTP: Tell me about the first time you saw A Chorus Line, did you ever think you would have the opportunity to be cast in the show, and what makes you want to be a part of this production?
SM:"I have known the music from A Chorus Line since I was a little girl, but the first time I actually saw the live musical was during the run of the most recent national tour that came to Shea's.  Right at the first "5,6,7,8" of the opening number, I knew that I had to be in this show some day.  A Chorus Line is about the stories of real performers--the good, bad, and the ugly parts of "the business". The opportunity to portray that on stage is something any actor or performer would love to have."

RCTP: What Character do you play in  A Chorus Line  and do you have any similarities in common with your character?
SM: "I play Cassie in the show. This is a challenging role, for sure, mostly because I do not have that much in common with Cassie... She is bold and speaks her mind, while I am more timid and reserved.  I am actually learning a lot from her throughout this process!"

RCTP: A Chorus Line  was conceived and originally Directed/Choreographed by Buffalo’s own Michael Bennett.  If he were here today, what do you think his thoughts would be about the level of talent in this current production, with most of the talent coming from the Western New York Region?
SM:  "I think that Michael Bennett would be impressed with not only the level of talent in this cast, but also the level of dedication and committment that each of the cast members has to the show and their characters."

RCTP: What is your next project?
SM:  "As of right now, I have nothing officially lined up.   I do have a few auditions coming up in the winter though! "God, I hope I get it!"

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