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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight: LINDA APPLEBY discusses Musical Directing A CHORUS LINE

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight: LINDA APPLEBY discusses Musical Directing  A CHORUS LINE
RCTP: Tell me about the first time you saw A Chorus Line , did you ever think you would have the opportunity to be Musical Directing the show, and what makes you want to be a part of this production?
LA: "I saw "A Chorus Line" many years ago and fell in love with so much of the music.  I used to teach the song "One" to  my chorus students when I taught at Olmsted and City Honors.  We had the hats, gloves, and called in a professional choreographer to teach the steps to the kids.  It was always a huge crowd pleaser at our concerts, great fun and memories for everyone.  To be a part of a professional production of this show is mind blowing! and dance drive me to be a part of this show, not to mention the quality of cast that I have the distinct pleasure of working with."

RCTP: What do you like most about Musical directing this show/cast? 
LA: "The thing I  like about musical directing this easy....first of all, I don"t like anything about my musical directing of this show...I LOVE it!!!!!.  Such a dedicated, hardworking, energetic, rambunctious, talented group of young people who drive ME to be a better musician.  We all feel tired at times from the work that goes into a production of this caliber, but it is the intensity of love, passion for the art, and the seriousness of the art form of musical theater that everyone takes to heart that makes me extremely thankful to be a part of this production, a better person, and musician in the end."
RCTP: "A Chorus Line was conceived and originally Directed/Choreographed by Buffalo’s own Michael Bennett.  If he were here today, what do you think his thoughts would be about the level of talent in this current production, with most of the talent coming from the Western New York Region?
LA: "I would love to believe, and DO believe that Michael Bennett would be thrilled at the level of professionalism, artistic and creative energy that this particular cast brings to the table.  Buffalo has always prided itself in having a wealth of incredible talent here, and this particular show is absolutely NO exception.  I think he would sit back, soak up the energy, the enthusiasm, the love,  the warmth, and then smile......and say, "thank you Buffalo, I KNEW you had it in you!"
RCTP: What do you like most about working with Red Carpet Theater Productions?  What is Your Favorite Memory while working for Red Carpet Theater Productions?
LA: "I LOVE working with Red Carpet Theater Productions.  The thing I love the most....without being redundant, I would have to say, is the care and love that goes into each and every show.  This Production company is always there to help, assist, and make sure that whatever you need to make YOU a better person, a better artist, a better dancer, or whatever the case may be, is always at your disposal.  The fine attention to detail sometimes is lacking in other companies, and RED CARPET THEATER PRODUCTIONS loves the fine details, and in the end it is noticed not only by everyone who participates in each and every production, but ultimately by the audience as well.  Favorite memory?   hummmm....they are alllll good!  But....probably the laughter that fills my soul is my favorite memory....."

RCTP: What is your next project?
LA: "My immediate next project is working on a 50th Birthday/Christmas Concert with Joseph Wooten in Nashville, TN. on December 16th.  Joseph as you know is the keyboardist for the Steve Miller Band, one of the Wooten brothers from Nashville, and a 3 time Grammy Nominated Artist.  When I'm not in rehearsal for Red Theater, I am managing, and setting up a thousand different things for Joseph, which is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, but wonderful.  In the coming months of January, February, and March, we will be doing an "Artist in Residency Program" for the Buffalo Public Schools that I initiated a few years ago when I was the director for the Buffalo Select Chorus.  This program addresses students in grades 5-12 about character development, self esteem, self respect, bullying, and personal growth using Joseph's own life experiences as examples, coupled with original music, and websites ( that exemplifies these traits.  His presentations are always mesmerizing, and the students, teachers, and myself leave each presentation renewed and eager to apply this knowledge to each individual circumstance.  It has been a real blessing for me to work with this incredible artist.  I also will be waiting for the next show or opportunity to present itself to me, will continue working with students, and work within some of the community churches whenever I am needed.  There is never a dull moment!" 
A Chorus Line  will be performed at the Lancaster Opera House from January 20,2012 -February 4, 2012.  Tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 716-683-1776 or by visiting the Lancaster Opera House website at

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