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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight: Time Goehrig discusses his role in A Chorus Line

Red Carpet's Artist Spotlight:
TIM GOEHRIG discusses his role in A CHORUS LINE
Tim Goehrig (Mark) is proud to be returning for the 3rd time to the LOH stage. A Chorus Line will be his second performance with Red Carpet Theater Productions. Previous roles include The Fantasticks (Mortimer), Oliver (Bill Sykes), Me and My Girl, Cinderella, Bye Bye Birdie. Thanks to previous dance teachers/choreographers Miss Sharon, Miss Taylor, Miss Schupp, and Stacey J, all of whom inspired him to pursue this role. "Dedicated to my mother Sandra Goehrig, with special thanks to Roswell Park Cancer Institute for allowing her to continue watching me perform. Love you Mom"
RCTP: Tell me about the first time you saw A Chorus Line , did you ever think you would have the opportunity to be cast in the show, and what makes you want to be a part of this production? TG: "The first time I saw A Chorus Line was at Sheas when the National Touring Company came to Buffalo. I was captivated by the talented performers on stage and I thought 'I want to do that.' I knew the story was one I could associate with as a performer. I have loved the music for ACL since the first time I heard it when I was a kid, I especially liked Mike's song "I Can Do That!" I never thought that I would be cast in A Chorus Line, but I knew if I worked hard and committed, that I could have a shot."

RCTP: What Character do you play in A Chorus Line and do you have any similarities in common with your character?
TG: "I play Mark Anthony (really Mark Philip Lawrence Tibori). Mark is the youngest dancer on the line, and he is eager to get into his first Broadway show. He embodies the spirit of all of those who have ever wanted to pursue their dreams. He is energetic, funny, and is just starting to make his way out into the world as a young adult. I feel a strong connection with Mark. I am one of the youngest members in this cast, and have been in past productions. I also wasn't always an actor; in fact there was a point in the recent past where I never would have thought I would be on stage someday. Mark didn't always know what he wanted to be, he "was just a kid for a while." But like my character, I want to face new challenges and someday share the stage with the talented performers on the line!"

RCTP: A Chorus Line was conceived and originally Directed/Choreographed by Buffalo’s own Michael Bennett. If he were here today, what do you think his thoughts would be about the level of talent in this current production, with most of the talent coming from the Western New York Region?
TG: "I believe Michael Bennett would be proud of this production. We have talented singers and dancers, all of whom are dedicated to his or her craft, and all have experiences similar to the performers who were involved in the birth of ACL. Michael Bennett would also be an advocate of the performing arts in Buffalo and would encourage public funding for the arts. The level of talent in WNY is incredible, and what theater can do for a community is priceless."

RCTP: What do you like most about working with Red Carpet Theater Productions?
TG: "I love the level of commitment on the production staff. Red Carpet goes above and beyond when it comes to making the talent feel comfortable and prepared going into a show. I have worked with RCTP in the past and will continue to in the future."

RCTP: What is your next project?
TG: "I do not have plans for a "next project." I will be going out for many more shows, but I like to find challenging pieces that I can feel a connection with, so I do not plan out more than one show at a time. I have many roles on my bucket list that I would love to cross off, "I hope I get it""

A Chorus Line will be performed at the Lancaster Opera House from January 20,2012 -February 4, 2012. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 716-683-1776 or by visiting the Lancaster Opera House website at


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